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About Eliza Perry Jewellery


Hi, I am Andrea Trail, the founder of Eliza Perry Jewellery.  

I am the visionary behind the entire bracelet collection, designing and creating each piece with my creative passion.

My unique approach allows me to fully customize bracelets, tailoring them to your desired size and design. I aim to bring your jewellery visions to life!

My first collection was showcased at an open house in April of 2004 on my back deck. The events' success encouraged me to enter into this new adventure whole-heartedly. 


The business name is a combination of my middle name and my former husband's middle name.  

With a keen eye for detail and my commitment to quality, I take pride in offering meaningful and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces.

My jewellery designs are often inspired by the bits and pieces sitting on my work table. My creative inspiration frequently ignites when I stumble upon a captivating design in a contemporary fashion magazine or online.  I take time and care to hand-select the majority of my materials and am proud of my finished jewellery creations. I use sterling silver findings along with semi-precious, glass, & crystal beads. 

Eliza Perry Jewellery is available exclusively at markets, open houses, appointments, private jewellery parties, online orders and trunk shows.

You can book your private party and appointments; or simply order online from my shop 

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