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2024 represents two decades in business and to commemorate this milestone, we will unveil a new bracelet every month as part of the celebration. Each 'bracelet of the month' is available for the one month only.


The 'bracelet of the month' for July features 6mm variscite beads spaced with a 5 mm sterling silver daisy bead every two beads and a 7mm sterling silver flower accent bead. 


Variscite is an exceptional heart stone that helps one connect with their inner being. It promotes inner peace and clarity of the mind, while helping one slowly establish control over their emotional body.


As an expression of gratitude for your ongoing support, this bracelet will be added to all orders placed in April exceeding $200 as a token of our appreciation.

The standard size of our bracelets is 6 3/4" and are designed to fit slightly snug on the wrist and not extend to the hand. Measure the exact circumference of your wrist with a piece of string and add 3/4" to determine sizing.

variscite & silver stretchy bracelet - July

SKU: 24_39
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